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What You Should Know Before Applying:


Our home base is in  Breckenridge, Colorado.  We do however, travel to the surrounding states for work.


BRECKENRIDGE, Colorado:  The town of Breckenridge is located in Summit County, Colorado at an elevation 9700 feet. Breckenridge is a former mining town, now famous for its world class ski area. It still retains some small town charm and has a year round population of about 10,000 people. The winters here are long and snowy and the summers are beautiful with highs typically in the mid 70's. There is a saying here that "folks come for the winters, but they stay for the summers". The community has a very young feel to it, the variety of sport activities is endless, and the residents are generally very active, fit and healthy.


Breckenridge Crane has a large shop and keeps the cranes well maintained. We are a non-union small business that prides itself on good competitive wages and a great working environment. The owner, Jerry Drake, is actively involved in both running the cranes and running the business. We have a full time office manager to handle the scheduling and dispatch and two Crane Managers, one for each branch.


The crane work is quite varied and the steep terrain makes both the driving and the crane set ups more challenging. We do everything from the simplest hot tub set to general construction work, and also service ski area construction of new lifts, plus move historic structures and set bridges. It all makes for very interesting and often challenging work.



Breckenridge Crane employees typically enjoy year round, full time employment. Employees are paid an hourly wage that begins when they arrive for work and ends when they clock out. Crane operators are not paid based on their billable hours, but rather on the hours they are working. Operators are responsible for the general maintenance and up keep of their crane, so some degree of mechanical ability is a plus. For more complex repairs we do have a mechanic. A clean driving record is mandatory with no DUI's, and pre-employment drug testing is required.

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