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Crane Info


Terex 40 ton Crane:  The Terex is probably our most versatile crane. The Terex has 94ft. of main boom with a practical reach of about 80ft. with 1500lbs. It also has a 49ft. jib which allows us to reach further out or up and over.  The Terex has a really good turning radius which allows us to get into some of the tightest job sites. The Terex has a footprint approximately 33ft. long and 22ft. wide.

TEREX 40 Ton Crane
GROVE 75 Ton Crane

Grove 75 ton Crane. The Grove has 138ft. of main boom with a practical reach of about 125ft. with 1500lbs. It also has a 56ft. jib that allows greater distance and height capability. The jib requires quite a bit more space for erection. The Grove is also great for some of the heavier lifts you might be taking on, please call us with specifics to see if the Grove will work for you. The Grove has a footprint approximately 44ft. long and 24ft. wide, additional space will be required when on a slope or for jib erection. The Grove also has swinging counterweights that may need to be taken into consideration. 

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GMK 150 Ton Crane

Grove 150 ton crane. The 150 ton has 151ft. of main boom with a maximum reach of 135ft. with 4000lbs. with its full complement of counterweights. It has several different counterweight configurations that can be tailored to the specific situations. The 150 ton also has up to 131ft. of jib which can be utilized to go both higher and further out. This crane requires a haul truck at an additional charge if extra counterweight or jib is required. This crane’s overall length of carrier  is 43’ 5” with outrigger footprint of 31’ x 30’.  Considerations must be made on job sites for counterweight swing and installing jibs if required.  

Liebherr 240 Ton Crane

Liebherr 240 Ton Crane:   Our 240-ton Mobile Hydraulic crane is state of the art in technology and lifting capabilities. It has 236’ of main boom, carries 72’ of jib with it and has an additional 46’ of jib that can added for a max total boom length of 354’. Fully dressed max counterweight of 159,000 lbs allows this crane to reach out to maximum radius of 264’ or a maximum tip height of 350’.  This crane is very versatile, counterweights can be configured to match your needs and applications. The boom has a single telescoping cylinder and each boom section is pinned in place as it is extended, this reduces boom weight and allows the crane to lift heavy loads further out. This crane runs on 5 axles and has various steering capabilities to get into tight job sites, overall length of crane (without dolly) is 44‘ and the outrigger footprint is 32’ front to rear and 30’ side to side. Considerations must be made on job sites for counterweight swing and installing jibs if required. 

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