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Crane Info

ROA 15 Ton Boom Truck

ROA 15 ton boom truck: ROA is a versatile small boom truck. It has 67 foot of boom with

a practical reach of 50 ft with approximately 1500lbs. If you have to go up and over a house or something similar you may need a slightly larger boom truck. It has a relatively small setup footprint & is about 36 ft long and 21 ft wide.

Manitex MX 22 Ton Boom Truck

MX 22 ton boom truck: The Manitex is our most requested boom truck.   It has a 101ft boom with a practical reach of about 70 ft with 1500lbs. This boom truck is perfect for many hot tubs and light residential construction. It has a great ability to go up and over structures. The height of the structure nearest the crane will affect its ability to reach out. The MX22 can haul hot tubs and smaller beams. The MX has a footprint approximately 35ft. long and 20ft. wide.

ROB 23.5 Ton Boom Truck
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MANITEX 50 Ton Crane

ROB 23.5 ton boom truck: ROB boom truck is similar in configuration to the ROA. It has a 92ft. boom with a practical reach of about 60ft. with 1500lbs. ROB has a larger lifting capacity at smaller radius than the MX22. ROB is capable of doing many of the same things as the MX22, but it is a little more limited with its reach. ROB has a footprint approximately 38ft. long and 22ft. wide when set up.

Manitex 50 ton Crane : This is the largest in our boom truck fleet, it compares to our truck mounted hydraulic cranes as far as lifting capacity, yet travels highway speeds much more effectively.  It has 128’ of main boom with a max pick of 1,500lbs at 90’ radius and

a 32’ to 49’ jib, to reach out further or up- and-over to get the job done. This crane has proven to be quite effective in our mountainous terrain, it sets up quickly, using radio outrigger controls. The footprint for this boom truck is 44’ overall length and a width of 24’ when set up on full outriggers,additional room at the set up location is required when swinging the jib on for use.

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